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Welcome to Norfolk History! Our focus are the books created by the Every Square Inch of Norfolk Project, edited and directed by Irwin Berent. Here you'll not only discover remarkable offerings of books on every aspect of the history & geography of Norfolk, but also have access to some of the research we weren't able to include in the books.

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We also offer our one-of-a-kind, 20th-century history of the Jewish community in Norfolk:

Norfolk, Virginia:
    A Jewish History of the 20th Century $45
    Norfolk History Publishers, 2001
    222 pp., 8.5" x 11"

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Norfolk, Virginia:
    Evolution of a City in Maps $20
    (Every Square Inch of Norfolk Series, Book 1)
    232 pp., 8.5" x 11"
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Showing in stunning detail the phenomenal evolution of one of America's most historic cities from its beginnings as a town to its current expanse, this "Every Square Inch of Norfolk" book presents an astonishing array of historic Norfolk-area maps spanning 200 years. Arranged side by side and scaled to identical sizes, each map makes it possible to pinpoint every major change in the city, almost decade by decade. An invaluable reference as well as a significant contribution to American geography...  MORE

The Every Square Inch of Norfolk books represent the most ambitious project of history and geography ever attempted for Norfolk — indeed, for any American city. And whether you purchase just one of the books or many, each stands alone as a unique resource.

Eight of the books (pictured in miniature below) are each complete and fascinating journeys into some key, general topic pertaining to the geography and history of the entire area of Norfolk – its maps, waters, land, agriculture, parks, military, transportation, and more. (Evolution of A City In Maps, for instance, has the "treasure maps" of the journey.)  Utilizing more than 2000 articles, maps, plats, photographs, and other contemporary documents, these history-geographies allow the reader to learn about every square inch of Norfolk, one of the world’s greatest port cities, revealed as never before ... 

Ten of the Every Square Inch of Norfolk books (pictured in miniature below) separately cover specific areas of Norfolk, from the original town and borough to each area subsequently annexed. These books allow the reader to discover the history-geographies of the areas of almost every neighborhood in Norfolk, past and present....  MORE


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